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A 15 year pilgrimage through the valley of infertility ends in unspeakable joy as we welcomed our miracle baby girl in October 2008, the result of our hopes and countless prayers. Thus, began a new journey as we stumble through the adventures and pitfalls of parenthood.

I blogged about the entire process since I started seeing a Fertility Specialist.  I’m infamous for posting a photo of my innards (taken by laparoscope); graphically describing my various surgeries, recovery periods, and pregnancy stories; and sending updates via Twitter during my 26-hour labor.  I take pride in transparency in the telling of these events, as my primary motivation for blogging is to chronicle these precious memories and hopefully offer encouragement to others who struggle with similar circumstances. is a personal blog where I share my stories, photos, videos, and experiences.  It’s a Mom Blog and it’s not.  Many of my entries revolve around my baby, as to be expected, as I am a stay-at-home mom.  But I also strive to share stories and photos about living in Hawaii, the rich culture of this place, the amazing food, and the beautiful people of these islands.  I hope you enjoy reading.


“Champuru” is an Okinawan stir fry dish, literally meaning a “mixture.” In a figurative sense, it’s similar to what locals would call “chop suey.” A whole bunch of stuff, tossed in, mixed up to create a unique flavor. I selected this pseudonym years ago, mainly to relate to my Okinawan heritage, but also felt that it was an appropriate way to describe my appreciation of many different cultures and interests.