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Pillow Talk

We have a bedtime routine. After dinner, Lil’ K is allowed to play until 7:30 pm (8 pm if something is going on), then it’s bath time. After her bath, I blow dry her hair, then brush and floss her … Continue reading

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Preschool preparation through books

Lil’ K is starting preschool this fall and our latest mission at the library was to find books to explain what preschool is and what to expect. I asked the librarian for assistance and she found a few books that … Continue reading

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Words Are Not for Hurting

As parents, we wait with bated breath for our babies to utter their first sounds. Then those sounds become words. Soon after, language explodes and sentences come spilling forth from the mouths of our precious little toddlers. But sometimes those … Continue reading

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Language Explosion!

I am seeing such an explosion in language skills in my 18 month old daughter. She is quick to imitate words verbally and shows great comprehension of words, displayed especially when reading.  I will ask her to identify objects/animals/situations in … Continue reading

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