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Who needs a comfort zone?

We have a pool, but we rarely use it. Lil’ K often asks if we can get in the pool, but I usually dismiss her request with a reason why it’s not a good time to get wet. (Too cold, … Continue reading

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He’s a keeper

Funny how a little thing can change your perspective in a big way. My friend Dawn sent me a link to a blog article entitled, “10 things your dog would tell you.” I read it and literally wept. #5 really got … Continue reading

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The Dog

Seriously. Can there be a vet visit without poop or vomit involved? Today, there was both. Lucky me. Chibi went in today for a blood draw in preparation for his surgery next week to “fix” him and also correct an … Continue reading

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Since my mother passed away this past December, Lil’ K and I speak of her often. Lil’ K will bring up Baba multiple times throughout the day. “I miss Baba,” Lil’ K will start by saying. “I miss her, too,” … Continue reading

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We made a batch of chocolate chip cookies last night. We gave away 90% of them: preschool classmates, Hubby’s co-workers, and Jiji’s senior citizen club. Lil’ K was thrilled to be able to share and wanted everyone at her school … Continue reading

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