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I just can’t let go

…nor do I want to. My culture is one of the things that is part of the very fiber of my being. I have written numerous blog entries about it, mostly about my attempts to pick up where I left … Continue reading

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Two injuries in two days

This is the second injury for Lil’ K in the past two days. Not a trend I hope to continue around here. Yesterday, she had her first dislocated elbow. Today, she got the same elbow pretty scraped up at grandma’s … Continue reading

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You Be Illin’

I’m not sure how it happened, but the Run DMC classic, “You Be Illin’” has become a favorite of Lil’ K’s. She hasn’t heard the real version by the Adidas-wearing rappers, but enjoys hearing Hubby and I rapping in our … Continue reading

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This is actually very old news. In fact, if you have been following my Facbeook page, you already know about this and some of the drama surrounding it. In light of everything else going on this past month or so, … Continue reading

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The Big 4-0

It’s a running joke between my friend Susan and I, that I am *still* counting Lil’ K’s age in months – even though she is nearly 3-1/2 years old. On her 18th birthday, I will proudly proclaim that she is … Continue reading

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