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Make your own Gooey Go

Lil’ K enjoys Dr. Seuss books and one of those is Fox in Socks. About halfway through the book, there is this page which talks about “blue goo.” Ever since reading this, Lil’ K has been fascinated by the thought … Continue reading

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Toddler Sculpture – Happy Face

“Look, mama! I made a happy face!” The play-doh happy face looked exactly like the happy faces that she draws. She plays with play-doh at preschool and she seems to have picked up some new skills. She can now roll … Continue reading

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This is my daily life captured on my iPhone using the Instagram app. It turns an otherwise ordinary shot into something eye-catching. It’s like seeing life through a fresh pair of eyes.

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Brain Food

The older and the farther removed from school I am, the more I feel like my intelligence is diminishing. It seems like the busyness of life crowds out the information that isn’t immediately necessary to get through the day. Things … Continue reading

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I’m spent

I have been feeling like this lately. My battery is spent and needs recharging. Here’s what generally happens when my battery indicator is in the red: I go into seclusion mode. I have been better about (mostly) avoiding this, forcing … Continue reading

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