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Preschool Orientation

On Friday, we attended the Preschool Orientation at Lil’ K’s school. Families gathered in the chapel and the Preschool Director stood behind the podium. After greeting the parents, the Director gazed at the crowd and said in a serious tone, … Continue reading

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Movie Theatre Experience

A little over a year ago, we attempted to take Lil’ K to her first movie (Toy Story 3). Admittedly, there were factors that probably set her up for failure. We ended up having to leave about halfway through. On … Continue reading

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IMHO: Avoid over-scheduling your toddler

Lil’ K is fast approaching 3 years old and it seems that many more opportunities for structured activities and classes open up at this age. Gymnastics, swimming, music and dance classes, even karate. The temptation to start signing her up … Continue reading

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[video] Time for bed!

This is what happens after the lights are off and mom leaves the room. A video of my 33 month old toddler who is supposedly trying to go sleep.  

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An enjoyable day in the OR

Today I had a minor medical procedure done at the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children (KMCWC). It was an outpatient procedure but required me to be put under general anesthesia. I had been put under twice before and … Continue reading

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