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Time to stop letting myself go

After seeing a very unflattering photograph of myself yesterday, I decided that it was time to start something. I have definitely let myself go over the past couple of years. My focus shifted off of myself and onto my daughter, … Continue reading

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Au Naturel – Goat Milk Soap

In the interest of disclosure and ethical blogging, I want you to know that I was not compensated in any way for this blog post. Seriously, I hate sounding like a commercial, but I found this very interesting and wanted … Continue reading

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Babywearing and bon dancing

There are so many benefits to babywearing for both baby and mom. One of the wonderful things about babywearing is being able to take your child into an activity that he/she might otherwise not be able to participate in, such … Continue reading

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“I like Daddy better.”

When she said it, it wasn’t in a spiteful or mean way. It was just so matter-of-fact. And, it was pretty much unprovoked. I simply asked Lil’ K if she would go with me to Costco for a quick errand … Continue reading

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Creative use for an iPhone Case

Unfortunately, we’re a one iPhone family, which means Lil’ K doesn’t have another case to make a pair.

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