Fun with shaving cream – sensory activities for toddlers

Shaving cream, sensory play for toddlers

Sensory play is so good for young children. (Here’s an article that explains why sensory play is important for preschoolers and toddlers.) Sometimes I feel I don’t give Lil’ K enough opportunities for sensory play, so I have been consciously looking for activities to allow her to exercise her senses. Lately, I’ve stumbled upon activities for stimulating the sense of touch. I saw several references to allowing children to play with shaving cream as a sensory activity.

As toddlers go, Lil’ K is pretty neat so I wasn’t too concerned about allowing her to play with a potentially messy medium like shaving cream, so there was minimal preparation. However, if you’re concerned about shaving cream on your handmade persian rug, you could set out a drop cloth like we do when it’s fingerpainting time.

I sprayed a blob of shaving cream in a bowl, set Lil’ K in her highchair and let her go at it. Taking cues from Holly at Caleigh’s Corner, I gave her a snowman cutout to paint with shaving cream. The snowman ended up getting squished into an unrecognizable wad, but the main thing was that Lil’ K was loving it.

Of course, some of the shaving cream ended up being lathered onto her hands and forearms, but it’s all part of the experience. I’m just glad that Lil’ K isn’t the type to put that kind of stuff in her mouth.

Shaving Cream, sensory play for toddlers

Another ¬†sensory activity you can do is to cover a table with a large sheet of butcher paper, spray a few mounds of shaving cream and add some color to them (food coloring, powdered tempra paint, or liquid watercolors), then allow your child to fingerpaint with it. I think we’ll try that next time around. (For more details on this activity and others, please visit this site.)

Another fun sensory activity with barley, beans, or rice is demonstrated at that you can do when the weather has the kids cooped up indoors for the day.

Do you have any ideas for other sensory activities for toddlers and preschoolers?

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6 Responses to Fun with shaving cream – sensory activities for toddlers

  1. sonya says:

    we just did something like this with my son’s Montessori Home School Program. he had several bowls of shaving cream colored with food coloring. we mixed them together to create different color combinations.

    another fun one my kids really like is drawing with pudding…spreading it on a cookie sheet and let them finger-draw in it, or for a cleaner activity. put a serving of pudding in a large zip loc, seal, and they can draw with their finger on the zip loc.

  2. Becky Nakasue says:

    We do this activity with our children. A lot of them will put the shaving cream on their faces, all over their arms, and by accident, sometimes the cream will get in their eyes. With 18 children in the room & 2 teachers, it’s very hard to watch every single movement, but they sure do have fun. Plus the room smells so good after it’s all over.

  3. Dia says:

    What a great idea! I always am looking for fun things to do with my son. Happy Holidays!

  4. ManekiNekko says:

    I’m sure you have played in the sand at the beach?

  5. cristi says:

    I love using shaving cream to mix color and also write out letters in! Thanks for the post!

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