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Our impressionable youth

Parents are a child’s first role models. Children learn how to socialize by observing how their parents interact with others. They learn what is appropriate behavior and what is unacceptable. For better or worse, our children are watching. What are … Continue reading

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Seventeen years

Today Hubby and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. We have been together for 19 years as a couple. That’s almost two DECADES, people! To put things in perspective, that’s more than half my life. I consider myself blessed that … Continue reading

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Bathroom Humor

As moms, we wait with bated breath for the day that our little ones begin uttering their first words. When the sentences start flowing, be prepared for some embarrassing moments. Like this one: Lil K’ and I were at the … Continue reading

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Sweet dreams, my princess

This is Monday night at our house. Reading books wearing her princess PJ’s, a tiara and a tutu before bed. This little darling gives me sweet dreams!

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what do you heart?

Brie at turned me on to a great online album/visual bookmarking site called It’s a place where you collect interesting Internet finds in “your heart:” things that inspire, define, or amuse you. Curious? Here’s My Heart. Brie created … Continue reading

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