Suffer for fashion? Never!

I hit a gold mine at the Gymboree clearance rack, picking up three pairs of kiddie jeans for the price of one. We had Baby Champuru try them on in the store and she seemed pleased with her new look, admiring herself in the mirror while donning the new duds. However, after wearing the jeans only once, on Easter, she refuses to keep them on. After putting on the jeans, she would repeat the word “tight” over and over, and attempt to rip them off. Hubby suspects that the jeans may have shrunk in the wash — or maybe she’s just not accustomed to wearing stiff denim material when all she’s been wearing up until now is soft, stretchy cotton.

There are some super adorable shirts in Baby Champuru’s wardrobe in size 2T that fit her perfectly. One of them is by Baby Phat and ridiculously stylish for a one-year-old, but Baby Champuru won’t wear it. Although it doesn’t appear too small, perhaps the elastic on the sleeve ends bind on her arms, because she pulls at them and says, “tight… tight!” It bums me out because she received these items as gifts and she wore them once or twice — and now it looks like they’re slated for the donation bin.

Spring is here and summer is coming so I wanted to buy Baby Champuru a pair of shoes that would fare well at the beach or the pool. Several attempts at different stores were made, but either she wouldn’t let me try them on — or the ones that did make it on her little tootsies just did not fit well at all. No cute summer sandals for Baby Champuru — at least not yet.

The girl is already like her mommy. She will not suffer for fashion.

However, she has a pair of hot pink cowgirl boots that she just adores. Grandma picked them up on a recent trip to Vegas and they finally fit — and now it’s all she wants to wear.

One of her favorite words now is “booooooooooooots!” Maybe there’s still hope?

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3 Responses to Suffer for fashion? Never!

  1. Jeri says:

    So cute! I love boots. Pink ones…why not! 😀 Your blogs are such good reads. Thank you.

  2. kgirl94 says:

    Ah….I was most definitely a slave to fashion when it came to shoes, pre-baby. I would wear the most uncomfortable, blister-producing shoes just ’cause they “look nice”. Nowadays it’s all about comfort – with the exception of those rare date nights, that is! I love Baby Champuru’s pink boots – they are uber-stylish! As for the clothes, what if you refashioned them in some way? Maybe cut off the sleeves and make a tank top, or cut the legs off the jeans to make a mini-skirt? Only cute lil’ girls like Baby Champuru can pull those outfits!

  3. Donna says:

    Jeri: You are such a great encourager. Thank you!

    kgirl94: What a great idea about re-fashioning Baby Champuru’s “too tight” clothes! I just wish I had some sewing skillz! Maybe the frayed 80’s look is coming back? ^_^

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