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Super Simple Banana Bread

Recently, mom had a hankering for banana bread.  She gave me her tried and tested recipe on an old discolored newspaper clipping that was probably as old as me.  I tried it and it was much better than the modern, … Continue reading

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On Monday, February 22, I wrote that Baby Champuru had developed a fever. Her fever peaked during the wee hours of Thursday morning at 103.5º F and did not break until Friday. This is our first experience with such high … Continue reading

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The tsunami is upon us

The massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Chile on February 26, 2010 generated a tsunami, impacting the Hawaiian islands and other locations in the Pacific. Roads and businesses are closed and communities in inundation zones have been evacuated. I am watching … Continue reading

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Parental overshare

I will be the first to admit that I am the Queen of Overshare. In fact, I am well-known for my propensity for describing in great detail things that some people might not even discuss with their mother-in-law.  I blogged … Continue reading

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Toddler Flossing

Flossing is one of those things that we know is good for us, but most of us loathe to do.  I have zero childhood memories of my parents flossing my teeth.  And I’m sure they didn’t floss my teeth at … Continue reading

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