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Rice, rice, baby

Baby Champuru’s party is less than two weeks away and I still haven’t decided on what to use for the centerpieces.  I have the beautiful Midori-dori wraps all set to go, but nothing to put inside of them.  My initial … Continue reading

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Early arrival of the Terrible Twos

I’ve been told that the term “the Terrible Twos” is a misnomer.  It doesn’t start at age two.  It begins around the time your baby learns to walk.  I looked up the word toddler in the dictionary and found this … Continue reading

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Girls’ Day Out

(l to r) Kory, me, Bari, Shari When I’m with them, I feel young(er) again.  We’re silly and we laugh loudly. Friends since grade school, the four of us have grown up together and have many memories and shared experiences … Continue reading

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Runaway Day

I am Shari‘s matron of honor and in lieu of a traditional bridal shower, she opted for a casual girls’ day out with myself and two of our dearest schoolyard buddies.  Girly plans: shopping, maybe a pedicure, and a nice … Continue reading

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18 days and counting

It’s only been a week, but it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve updated.  With 2-1/2 weeks before Baby Champuru’s first birthday bash, I’ve been busy planning and preparing.  After the party, I’ll likely do a blog series on … Continue reading

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