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The travails of teething

Baby Champuru had already sprouted four teeth: two on the bottom, then two on the top. The top two are still making its way out, but they broke through recently without much fanfare.  I was just telling Hubby the other … Continue reading

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Caught off-guard

My mail usually falls into two categories: junk mail and bills.  But on the rare occasion that I receive something out of the ordinary, I get absolutely giddy. Today, I received a box from my dear friend Jan in Spokane.  … Continue reading

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Video: Baby Finger Foods

Sharing with you a few of Baby Champuru’s favorite snacks. What kind of finger foods or snacks do you feed your baby? I’m always looking for recommendations. Please share them in the comments or send me an email via my … Continue reading

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Sleep Sharing

I vowed that I would never allow it, but here she is, Baby Champuru sleeping in our bed. While I was still pregnant, we were talking to the owner of a certain baby store as I purchased a supply of … Continue reading

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Stranger Anxiety Remedy

Thank you, Consuela, for capturing this photo of us! As Baby Champuru grows older, her stranger anxiety appears to be lessening.  It seemed to have peaked around 6 months and now at 10 months, it’s on the decline.  I believe … Continue reading

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