A new project

Inspired by Jan, I have begun poring through my blog archives to recount my struggle with infertility in poetry form.  So far, I’ve written two.  She is a published author; her book is a series of poems that details a painful fifteen year chapter in her life and her subsequent restoration through her faith.  Each poem tells the story of an event and moves you through her life, one poem at a time so poignantly that you can feel the depth of emotion in every word.

I am far from being an accomplished poet, but perhaps this topic which is so close to my heart will help me stick with it to its completion.  Even if nothing becomes of the anthology of poems, maybe someday Baby Champuru will be able to read and appreciate what her parents went through so that there could be a “Baby Champuru.”

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5 Responses to A new project

  1. prettycuter says:

    more baby post, please….

  2. jancalligrapher says:

    Precious blog. I think that is a great idea. Poems don’t have to rhyme that is the good part. You are such a good writer, I can’t wait to read them.

    Have a great day!

  3. toothfairy says:

    You have a talent for putting pen to paper via the keyboard. Poetry is an art, which makes it a personal interpretation, which makes it yours. In other words there is no right nor wrong, no good nor junk. Love your blog, you have a good balance on life between husband, baby, family, friends, religion, culture, and YOU! oh, and food! LOL Thank you for sharing.

  4. sophia says:

    i think that’s an awesome idea!! altho i hope you’ll consider publishing it as an inspiration for others.

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