Care Package and Get-Well Wishes


Some contents from an unexpected care package &
a Get Well card from a dear friend

Once in a while, you meet someone who you just know that God put into your life.  Jan is one such person.  Although we’ve known each other for only a short time, we’ve already become fast friends, exchanging bits of our lives.  As an artist, she has been inspiring me in the realm of the arts: brush lettering,  watercolors, writing, poetry, and all things creative.  I, on the other hand, have been helping her with the technical stuff: introducing her to blogging, giving her tips on Photoshop, and general troubleshooting.  We both share a love for food and enjoy chatting about babies and children.  We share finds from the farmer’s market. We pray for each other. It’s a wonderful friendship.

Today, she gifted me with a “care package.” Inside, there were all kinds of goodies: beautiful greeting cards with her artwork and calligraphy, a calendar, a color wheel, and an original painting.  She also shared with me a children’s book that she personally wrote, hand-lettered, illustrated, and hand-bound.  The book features her two children (now grown) as characters in the endearing story about the Toothfairy.  So creative! I already have a story in mind to write for Baby Champuru – and maybe for publication, if it turns out well enough.  Jan’s beautiful book has rekindled my interest in pursuing that goal.

I need to get my interest in watercolor painting off the backburner.  Seeing the lovely examples of her artwork always inspires me, but it never seems like there’s enough time in the day to put paint to paper.  Someday, perhaps.

Get Well wishes are always a welcome pick-me-up. Since I had been suffering from allergies last week, Jan sent me one of her handmade cards to let me know that she was thinking about me. How sweet is that?  One of the great side effects of pregnancy, and subsequently nursing, was that my allergies and migraine headaches ceased temporarily.  My hormones seem to be reverting back to its pre-pregnancy state.  “Aunt Flo” returned for a visit on the date of Baby Champuru’s 7 month birthday and the allergies were quick to follow.  I am praying that the migraines won’t stage a comeback.  I can certainly do without those.  It would be pretty tough to function as a mom with a migraine.

But, I digress.

Jan’s care package reminded me that I have interests that are worth pursuing and goals to reach. Even as a stay-at-home mom, there are things yet to accomplish that don’t involve cooking, cleaning, dirty diapers, baby bottles, and bedtime routines.

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  1. Jancalligrapher says:

    Donna, oh my gosh, I am so touched. What a sweet blog about your care package. Practically crying here. You are the sweetest and best!
    And I am so blessed to have met and gotten to know you.

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