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Inari zushi (cone sushi)

Inari zushi or cone sushi, is one of those great grab-and-go foods, most often found in bento boxes or at your favorite okazuya. Sweet vinegared rice with vegetables, stuffed in deep fried tofu pouches called abura-age. My friend Arnold recently … Continue reading

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Hot and Humid

I have to admit, I’m one of those neurotic moms that doesn’t like letting my baby run around in just a diaper, but lately due to the lack of tradewinds in the islands, it’s been so hot and humid that … Continue reading

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Okinawan Miso Stir Fry

Stir frying is one of the simplest ways to whip up dinner in a flash.  As I was growing up, that’s basically what we subsisted on: various stir fry meals (okazu) and miso soup.  Another great thing about stir frying … Continue reading

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Backhanded Compliment

Recently, I went to an office supply store to purchase an eraser for my art endeavors. At the check-out, the clerk asked me if I would like to join their rewards program.  Sure, why not? I could always use another … Continue reading

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A new project

Inspired by Jan, I have begun poring through my blog archives to recount my struggle with infertility in poetry form.  So far, I’ve written two.  She is a published author; her book is a series of poems that details a … Continue reading

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