Date Day Musings

Outside Shirokiya
Posing outside Shirokiya (Ala Moana Shoping Center)
with my snow ice dessert from The Juice Factory

Whenever possible, Hubby and I try to have a “date day.”  This past Friday, we decided to go to Ala Moana Shopping Center for window shopping which, of course, invariably results in unplanned purchases — like the Adidas hat I’m wearing.  (Purchased at Lids and embroidered on the back with “champuru.”)

Our last stop is always Shirokiya, where I pick up bentos and Japanese confections (mochi, dorayaki, etc.) to go.  If Hubby is with me, we also hit The Juice Factory stand just before we exit so that he can get his favorite coffee boba (bubble drink).  I noticed that they had “snow ice” on the menu. Hula Boba also had an offering called snow ice and I wondered if it was the same thing.  So, I ordered one with azuki topping and found that it’s very similar.  So, now I have my own favorite thing to get on my way out of Shirokiya!

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3 Responses to Date Day Musings

  1. Fran Magbual says:

    That was the same flavor I tried. I love azuki beans! I don’t know what’s in that “snow,” but it’s really good.

  2. lauren says:

    mmmm….the snow ice looks delicious! i just ate one with azuki bean and halo halo topping today. it’s sooo good!

  3. Lori says:

    I love the hat, very nice! And you would faint if you knew how much we spent at Shirokiya last weekend for lunch. It is not a good idea to walk around all that food when you are starving! 🙂

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