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A Tough Decision

A couple of co-workers and I posing for a staged photo that was used at last year’s leadership conference (Faces obscured to protect the innocent) Five months have gone by since I’ve set foot in my office, but work has … Continue reading

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Hip (Hop) Mama

Gratuitous Baby Champuru camera phone photo Tonight, I went with Jan to hip hop class again — our third time — and it seems to get a little better with each session.  The comfort level is increasing and I’m actually … Continue reading

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Feet and Feeding

There’s nothing more adorable than a pair of cute little baby feet Baby Champuru developed a strange cough yesterday.  A shallow, hacking cough that sounds like she’s choking on something.  Since it persisted to today, I called the doctor first … Continue reading

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Just because I’m bald…

Baby Champuru wore her frou frou pink princess outfit to her cousin’s birthday party today.  She’s never looked so cute.  Obviously, Baba (my mother) noticed. The following conversation ensued between my mom and I: Baba: “Oh, Krislyn — how cute!  … Continue reading

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Video: Baby’s First Taste

Baby is about four months old now and the pediatrician recommended starting her on rice cereal. Yesterday was her first taste of solids, although the proportions that the doctor suggested is so watery that it can hardly be called “solid.” … Continue reading

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