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Easy Ozoni Recipe

Flashback from 2007. Gosh, that was a bad hair day if I ever saw one. I captured my in-laws’ “secret family recipe” for easy ozoni, a new year’s tradition in our family, for posterity. Enjoy and happy new year!

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Snug as a Bug

As a new mom, my life is full of firsts.  Yesterday was the first time Baby Champuru has fallen ill.  I knew this “first” was inevitable, but I was certainly not looking forward to it and would have gladly postponed … Continue reading

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Baby’s First Christmas


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Darkness in Paradise

Since my last entry, we’ve had excitement, but not the good kind.  The day after Christmas, another storm passed over the islands, this time bringing thunder and lightning along with torrents of rain.  Just after dinner, the lights starting flickering … Continue reading

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Too much stimuli, meltdown in progress

Gatherings at the in-laws’ house are always full of laughter, excited children running around underfoot, delicious homemade food, and good times. Tonight was no exception. Baby Champuru, the only child, isn’t accustomed to all that noise and excitement.  Our home … Continue reading

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