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Embracing the Baby Bump

At 18-1/2 weeks, I’ve officially retired my pre-preggie wardrobe. I’ve been wearing my pair of “fat jeans” in comfort up until this week, when I discovered that zipping them up would require me to suck in — which, honestly, isn’t … Continue reading

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Who wears the pants in the family?

Tobi the Japanese Spitz I stole this photo from Hubby’s Vox. (Yes, Hubby has a blog, but it’s only open to his Vox “neighborhood”.) He took this photo with his camera phone. The clever title is his, too. Every time … Continue reading

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Seeing Red

When you’re pregnant, the last thing you want to see on your cute cotton panties is red. Last night, just before retiring to bed, I discovered that I had started bleeding for no apparent reason. Immediately, thoughts of complications, months … Continue reading

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Work that Budget

Truth be told, I hate thinking about finances. Budgets, investments, retirement 401k’s, annuities, and college funds, OH MY! It all makes me cringe. I admire folks like Ryan, who are so on top of financial matters! With Baby Champuru on … Continue reading

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Who is my neighbor?

Our church sponsored a “Compassion Sunday” today and dedicated the entire service to educating the congregation about the needs of impoverished children around the world. Pastor Tim recently returned from an eye-opening and life-changing trip to the Philippines where he … Continue reading

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