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Preggie Purchases

Waking up at 6:45 am on Sunday morning for church was painful. The night before, I took a 2-hour afternoon nap which managed to throw a kink into my nocturnal sleeping schedule, providing me with a frustrating dose of insomnia. … Continue reading

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18 days

I hope this cold goes away soon. Every time I sneeze, I worry that I’m going to blow the baby clear out of my uterus. Being sick just doesn’t feel like it’s good for the baby and I’m about as … Continue reading

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Sleeping away my first trimester

I awakened from my illness-induced nap, three glorious hours of late afternoon slumber. My only concern is that it may affect my ability to get to sleep tonight and may leave me tossing and turning for hours. Napping has become … Continue reading

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When rest is the only option

After 11 minutes and 37 seconds of hearing endless ringing, punctuated by an automated message indicating “all agents are currently busy, please continue to hold,” I have decided to hang up. My doctor’s office needs to invest in a better … Continue reading

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Body on Strike

Too sick. Can’t write. More later.

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