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Great Day at Work

Donna’s eye view Although Murphy’s Law was in full force as we attempted to shoot footage for our video project at work, it was an absolutely wonderful day. We went on the road and hit various locations in search of … Continue reading

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IVF ain’t cheap

Whenever I see an envelope bearing my infertility specialist’s return address, I immediately cringe because I know that means more money out of our pocket. Thankfully, our medical insurance has covered a HUGE portion of the procedures thus far, but … Continue reading

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Home Stretch

I’m at the home stretch for NaBloPoMo and I nearly forgot to post something today, perhaps for lack of interesting events and/or recent epiphanies. I knew there would be a day like this sooner or later in the month, and … Continue reading

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Happy 14th

Hubby and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary today. How time flies! 🙂 Happy anniversary, Hubby! You are such a blessing to me. You are truly my better half and I love you!

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No Rice?

A bunch of health-conscious co-workers went for food sensitivity testing and recommended that I do the same. Basically, you give a vial of your blood, they send it off to a lab, and you get a full report of what … Continue reading

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