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We generally don’t observe Halloween. Although we were considering volunteering at a Halloween event at a community center where we train in karate, tonight’s weather isn’t exactly conducive to outdoor activities. Instead, we’re home, vegging in front of our respective … Continue reading

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Happy 76th birthday, Mom!

Happy 76th birthday, Mom!, originally uploaded by Champuru. Mom’s birthday is today, so we celebrated with a mint-choco ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins. She made it clear that dinner tonight or tomorrow night is out of the question. It interferes … Continue reading

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So far, so good

It looks like we may actually be able to play tennis tonight. The skies are clear overhead and it looks like it will be a beautiful evening to hit some fuzzy yellow balls around the court. Let’s hope so, anyway. … Continue reading

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One of the life’s joys is being able to find beauty in the ordinary, to relish in the simple, and to be thankful for another day of life. When I lose the ability to do that, I start feeling like … Continue reading

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Nihongo wakarundesho?

I spent the better part of my childhood afternoons at a Japanese language class at the neighborhood Buddhist temple. Japanese School was the after school program of my generation, a place where parents sent their kids to keep them out … Continue reading

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