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IVF cycle begins

Friday, July 27, 2007 My period started. Hooray! (Who knew I’d be cheering about starting my period?) The IVF cycle is ready to begin. Saturday, July 28, 2007 The day began and ended with IVF activities. This morning, we made … Continue reading

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Another day, another doctor visit

Another day, another needle WARNING: More IVF updates, talk about being naked, periods, and the travails of having a nervous stomach. The day started with the all-too-familiar “bottoms off.” I had another appointment with my nemesis the ultrasound machine again … Continue reading

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Loochoo Nu Kwa

I just had to take a moment to plug this workshop which is being presented by my Okinawan music and dance troupe, Ukwanshin Kabudan. Since I am currently on hiatus from my dancing endeavors (with the exception of my weekly … Continue reading

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This is your wife on hormones

In preparation for IVF (in vitro fertilization), my doc has started me on a cocktail of drugs which include pills, injections, and patches. Today, Hubby shot me up with the last of 3 daily doses of Ganirelix, a subcutaneous injection … Continue reading

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A happy Monday

Another visit to the doc The day began with a visit to the doctor. My calendar is dominated by doctor’s appointments and weekend bon dances lately. For the record: More doctor’s appointments than bon dances, which is never a good … Continue reading

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