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You know you’re getting old when…

Some lessons learned from a trip to the Fun Factory: You know you’re getting old when… …you walk into an arcade and it takes a good 5 minutes to figure out that the video games don’t take quarters anymore. …you … Continue reading

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I have many fond memories of my childhood in Wahiawa. One of the most cherished is of the little candy store down the street called B-Sweet. Growing up, sweets were in short supply in our house, so Dad and I … Continue reading

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Up for grabs

Do you want a free $20 promo gift card for Kincaids? Somehow, we got on their promo list and they’ll occasionally send us these $20 gift cards to lure us back to their restaurant. Not that I’m complaining, of course. … Continue reading

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Slow Load

In hopes of speeding up the load time on my page, I removed a few sidebar distractions that were pulling from external sites. Do you notice the difference? And, you patient folks, thanks for coming back time and again, despite … Continue reading

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Bon Dance PSA

Attention Bon Dance enthusiasts! I have been notified of a change to the Moiliili Hongwanji practice sessions that were incorrectly printed in the initial bon dance schedule. The corrections have been made to the calendar, so if you plan to … Continue reading

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