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Halfway Point

14 days have passed since my surgery and I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. So, I figured I would offer an update for those who are interested. The incision seems to be healing nicely. Today is the … Continue reading

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Gimme da scoops

I’ve created a new blog at, geared to providing the “inside scoops” on fun things to do in Hawaii. I plan to post image-intense entries about my culinary adventures, sights I visit, as well as announcements about upcoming events. … Continue reading

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The Outsiders

Miracles never cease. I am posting my Friday 5 responses on Friday! Hope you had a great week and have a wonderful weekend ahead. 1. What is your favorite outdoor activity? Hiking. 2. Are you outdoors not often enough, too … Continue reading

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Thank you to Derek and Richie for their suggestions and assistance with fixing the broken blog! Actually, it’s our fixed blog now! All it took was upgrading the old K2 theme. I love it when things work like how they … Continue reading

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Book Review: Japanland

Japan has always fascinated me; its history, culture, cuisine, sights and sounds. For me, there is a familiarity, yet an ever-present mystique about the country. I had the opportunity to visit Japan twice, in May 2003, and again in February … Continue reading

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