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Practical Advice

From the champuru health & fitness blog: Today, I went in for a routine physical to ensure that my body is in decent shape to endure my upcoming surgery. My regular primary care physician was on vacation, so I opted … Continue reading

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From the champuru health & fitness blog: We succumbed to the wiles of a late night infomercial and purchased the newest exercise contraption called the Fluidity bar. I ordered it Tuesday, I got notification that it shipped yesterday, and, lo … Continue reading

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Advice, please!

Friday 5‘ing! Oh, how I love, love, love Fridays! 1. What specific advice would you give to someone moving into your neighborhood? Don’t speed up or down the steep hill into the valley. Many drivers have lost control of their … Continue reading

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“Do you know what today is?” Hubby’s mom quizzed us in the church parking lot as we were saying our goodbyes following the morning service. I quickly scanned my brain for birthdays, anniversaries or other dates of interest and came … Continue reading

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As the appointed date draws closer, I am experiencing some indecision and uncertainty. My thoughts are a tangled mess. I can’t understand why something so seemingly natural should be so hard to accomplish and require so much outside intervention. I’m … Continue reading

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