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Gym Germies

It’s no secret that I am a major germophobe. In fact, Mahealani has chided me more than once for excessive use of antibacterial products. I have since cut back on my addiction to hand sanitizer, but my hair still stands … Continue reading

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Living Pidgin

“Living Pidgin” a play by Lee Tonouchi Currently playing at Kumu Kahua Theatre now through February 11, 2007 Ho, brah. Dis is one show you gotta see. Garanz goin keep you laffing fo days. But, dis not fo da high … Continue reading

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Health and Fitness Blog

Exercising isn’t high on my “favorite things to do” list, but a number of factors have prompted me to take this endeavor of health and fitness more seriously. 1. My Reproductive Endrocrinologist (i.e., infertility specialist) put me on birth control … Continue reading

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WP 2.1

WordPress 2.1 is wonderful, especially when you apply a Theme that actually works. Today, in a fit of frustration over my Blogroll suddenly disappearing from my page, I decided to give in and get a new, WP 2.1-compatible theme for … Continue reading

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Today’s Haircut

Since Shari Twittered a request for a picture of my new haircut, I decided to take one using Photo Booth. In December when I previously got my hair cut, I had gone with a bob, shorter in the back, angled … Continue reading

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