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Here’s an installation of Friday 5 that I know Mahealani would appreciate, although it’s a tough one for me to answer! 1. What’s your favorite yellow food? Bananas! Apple bananas, specifically. 2. What’s your favorite yellow item of clothing? There … Continue reading

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Happy Hooker

Happy Hooker, I mean Shari 🙂 With Mom’s interest in crochet rekindled, I figured that we better seize the opportunity before her small embers of enthusiasm are snuffed out by the daily grind. She used to make elaborate motifs and … Continue reading

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In a conversation this morning after church, my six-year-old niece inquired, “Aunty, why is your hair frizzy today?” At a loss for words, I just blurted out the first thing that came to mind — which, incidentally, is the real … Continue reading

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It’s Friday! Here’s this week’s installment of the Friday 5. 1. Do you have a hurricane or tornado story? Days before Thanksgiving Day in 1982, Hurricane Iwa, passed through the Hawaiian islands, leaving devastation in its wake. I was only … Continue reading

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How did I ever get along without iTunes? With just a click of my mouse, I had Josh Groban’s newest album, “Awake” in my hot little hands minutes after I read Renee’s blog entry plugging it. So far, the song … Continue reading

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