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It is Saturday. My favorite day of the week, yet I feel so… unwell. In mind, body and spirit. One of those days when I feel like staying in bed for as long as possible. And I did. Missed karate. … Continue reading

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The Last Obon of 2006

Summer is so fleeting. I’m one of those people that determines that summer begins with the first bon dance — and ends with the last (even though the last bon dance is called the “Autumn Matsuri”). By my calendar, summer … Continue reading

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Lovin’ this week’s Friday 5! What do you say? 1. At what time of day are you most capable of producing your best work? Early evening, around 7:00 – 10:00 pm. (Notice: Not during normal “work hours.” Go figure.) 2. … Continue reading

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Coordinating a 2-day conference is no easy feat. If I felt like I had the whole world on my shoulders before, now it feels like the entire universe. I happen to be reading through the book of Romans and on … Continue reading

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Better late than never, I say… Courtesy of the 1. Do you drink enough water? If it’s possible to drink too much water, I would be guilty of it. 2. Where’s the nearest swimmable body of water? The swimming … Continue reading

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