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Missing Japan

Only 1000 yen!, originally uploaded by Champuru. I’ve started going through my old photos and will be posting them little by little to my Flickr account, mainly for archival purposes but also for the nostalgia factor. I’m presently on the … Continue reading

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Virtual Communication

I felt like I barely survived my Life Sciences course, so I was surprised to discover that my final grade was a B+. I consider this quite an accomplishment considering I was afraid that I might not even pass the … Continue reading

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Not all pain is gain

Needless to say, it’s been pretty painful lately. I find it pretty darned sad that I can relate to so many of these attractive lithographs. Cynical, moi?

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Hanging in There

It’s funny how God uses other people to speak audibly when you’re having trouble hearing His still, small voice. After an utterly horrendous day at the office yesterday, I felt completely disheartened and frustrated. I felt like an inefficient, unorganized, … Continue reading

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Was your day as bad as mine?

There must be something to the date: 06/06/06. I had the worst day at work today. Ever. In the entire history of the world. (Or at least my world, that is.) Absolutely miserable. I’m glad that 06/06/06 only comes around … Continue reading

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