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Patches of Blue

I almost forgot what that looks like.

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Rainy Ramblings

Despite the fact that we’ve had 40+ days of rain, I still haven’t mastered the proper technique to stay dry en route from building to car – even with the assistance of my cute red umbrella. On more than one … Continue reading

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Hubby, always disgustingly chipper in the morning, tried unsuccessfully to rouse me from sleep so that we could make it to our 9:00 am Karate class. Unfortunately, dreams of work haunted my slumber all night and I awakened exhausted as … Continue reading

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Girl Talk

Joyce and I enjoy lunch at Okonomiyaki Chibo Restaurant Waikiki, Hawaii Joyce and I both started new jobs, our effective dates only a week apart. Suffering through the difficult transition period, it was somehow comforting knowing that a kindred spirit … Continue reading

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Coming to terms

Warning: Geeks at Play I was looking through my old photographs and came across this series of shots taken in 2002 in the office of the department I just left. It made me nostalgic for the good old days. There’s … Continue reading

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