Keurig Komeback

So, the mission for today was to obtain a replacement for the defective koffeemaker. This makes replacement #4 since December 11. Seeing a disturbing trend in the unreliability of this model, we purchased the 2-Year Replacement Plan at Best Buy when we picked up unit #3, only three weeks ago.

The customer service agent was very professional and handled our exchange efficiently. We left with a new Keurig and a satisfied feeling that we can have our gourmet coffee and tea from the convenience of our home again — at least until it breaks down again.

We’re thinking that we should just pencil in a trip to Best Buy and lunch at Bravo every 2-3 weeks since that’s been the consistent track record of this machine:

Keurig Ultra B50
#1 – 12/11/2005 (Original purchase date)
#2 – 12/22/2005 (11 days)
#3 – 01/08/2006 (20 days)
#4 – 01/28/2006 (20 days)

Let’s hope there won’t be a #5 anytime soon.

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  1. marvin says:

    Geez, that is a bit of a worry. You’d think that by now Keurig would recall all the B50’s.

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