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Weird Habits

I was tagged quite a while ago by Ji-in, tasked to detail my five weirdest habits. Initially, I had a difficult time pinpointing them despite assurances from Hubby (who often lovingly calls me “OCD”) and friends who like to poke … Continue reading

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The Power of the Internet

I was surprised to see that my negative review on caught the attention of the Keurig Kustomer Service. The Director of Customer Service, even. I received a courteous e-mail of inquiry the day after I posted the review, thus … Continue reading

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Faith Like a Child

Life was much simpler then. Recently, I prayed, “Lord, let your will be done in this situation, for you know all things and can see the beginning from the end. You know if this situation will be good for me … Continue reading

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Keurig Komeback

So, the mission for today was to obtain a replacement for the defective koffeemaker. This makes replacement #4 since December 11. Seeing a disturbing trend in the unreliability of this model, we purchased the 2-Year Replacement Plan at Best Buy … Continue reading

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Keurig Krap

I can’t believe it. The Keurig B50 Coffeemaker that we bought ourselves for Christmas broke. Again. This is the third one that has failed in a little over a month. It seems that the unit goes into self-destruct mode after … Continue reading

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