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Year in Pictures

Happy new year! It’s always enlightening to go through my photo archives at the end of the year to see what has transpired in the past twelve months. Click the image below to view my 2005 collection of favorite images. … Continue reading

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Status Update: Recovery Day Two

Besides the incisions, which are still healing, I have a few other issues I am dealing with right now. — It hurts whenever I engage my abdominal muscles even the slightest. — The carbon dioxide that they pumped into my … Continue reading

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2 Surgeries in 2005

Two surgeries in 2005. Let’s hope that fulfilled my quota for a while. I went back and read some of my thoughts from my January tonsillectomy on my dot-com site. I seemed to have more of a sense of humor … Continue reading

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The Surgery

As Hubby drove us to Queen’s Hospital, I lifted a prayer for the procedure, that God guide the hands of the surgeons, grant wisdom to the attending staff, and peace to my heart. We both said a quiet amen and … Continue reading

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I’m alive!

Just a quick note to report that I am alive! I survived the procedures: D&C, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and a chromopertubation. I even came home with pictures of my innards. (Don’t worry, I will not subject you to them.) They inflated … Continue reading

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