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Holiday Temptations

Chocolate Dipped Li Hing Originally uploaded by Champuru. The holiday season is in full swing and edible temptations seem all the more formidable. For some reason, I always pick this time of year to wage a futile battle against the … Continue reading

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12 Years

Time flies scary fast. I still can’t believe that it’s been 14 years since we met. I was barely out of high school at the time and not so interested in a relationship — that is, until he came along … Continue reading

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Count Your Blessings

Thanksgiving, like Christmas, has lost much of its meaning to this generation. Far removed from the days of the pilgrims, Thanksgiving has become synonymous with turkey and football to many. It is my hope that Thanksgiving will bring you more … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Da Kines

Chocolate Dipped Li Hing Mui Originally uploaded by Champuru. I realize that this picture looks like little turds, but what you’re looking at are “Hawaiian Da Kines” — chocolate dipped li hing mui seeds. My boss, who returned from a … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Rainbows

As I exited the facility after work, I noticed that it seemed darker than usual. Checking my watch, it was indeed 4:30, but it sure looked like it was closer to 6:00. The skies overhead were gray and patches of … Continue reading

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