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A New Addition

The Next Generation Originally uploaded by Champuru. Several of my co-workers purchased the 5-megapixel SD400 shortly after it debuted. With its sleek form factor, it instantly smote me with an acute case of camera envy. I managed to stave it … Continue reading

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Quick Update

Although I’m tired and really shouldn’t be writing anything in this condition, I will anyway. Just a quick update to let you know that I’m still alive. So, what’s been going on lately? Well, I have an appointment with my … Continue reading

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Growing Like Weeds

Spidey Originally uploaded by Champuru. Tonight we celebrated the birthdays of two of Hubby’s nephews: Ryan and Linkin. It’s hard to believe that Ryan is already 19 — and Linkin is now 3 years old! You can certainly see the … Continue reading

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Rinken Band

Teruya Rinken and Uehara Tomoko of the famed Uchina Pop group the Rinken Band, are vacationing in Hawaii. Eric and Norman are friends of theirs and so whenever they are in town, we get the opportunity to take them out … Continue reading

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Mitchell has been keeping busy with a ton of web projects. In addition to maintaining his Chalkdust blog, recording his own Literate Loser podcast, and participating in a group podcast with the Village Idiots, he has started a wonderful Christian … Continue reading

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