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Shari is so talented with crafts and learns new skills quickly. Recently, she picked up crocheting and in a few hours she was busy creating blankets for her loved ones.

I’m a loved one!

She gave me this wonderful sage and off-white blanket on Saturday when I picked her up for the bon dance.

This beautiful labor of love will keep me warm when the winter months roll around and the temperatures start to dip. Our new home is located in a valley and from what I hear, tends to get pretty nippy in the winter. I can’t wait!

Thanks, sis, for the beautiful blankey! Someday, when I’m done with school, you’ll need to teach me how to do this so that I can have a relaxing hobby to unravel my frayed nerves.

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  1. shari says:

    I’m glad you liked the blankey…I need to make Mom (Your mommy) one…Will keep her warm durning the cold winter nights…Yup once you ready I’ll teach you it’s not hard at all…so far I have learned 3 different designs…there are more out there to learn…

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